What Is PEX Pipe?

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PEX tubing is made from a high-density polyethylene polymer. It goes through a process of being melted and shaped through a die. A die is a special tool used in the manufacturing process to shape a cut a material using a press. This is how PEX tubing is available in short lengths for small projects, or in longer rolls for large jobs.

PEX Piping is a Smart Plumbing Choice

PEX is a good choice because it is much cheaper than copper for pipes. It is also installed quickly, similar to how you would run a garden hose to each fixture. PEX will not erode and is unaffected by acidic water. PEX is approximately ten times less expensive per foot versus copper pipe because of the raw materials used to make the pipe.

PEX can be easily bent and plumbers can install it much quicker and will not have to use as many couplings. PEX water lines no longer take a plumber who is specifically trained to cut the pipe as they had to be for copper.

PEX pipe doesn't require glue for installation that makes it a good choice if you are working in tight-fitting areas. Flexibility is another plus because it can be pushed easily through walls, especially if you are doing a remodeling job. PEX pipe can be connected directly to the water heater.

The tubing is connected with crimp rings and a compression tool. The quick installation will reduce labor costs compared to copper pipe installation fees. PEX also comes in red, white and blue. You no longer have to guess which pipe is hot or cold.

PEX is Better Than Copper and Plastic

PEX is much more durable because as time passes copper can begin to corrode. Copper also cannot withstand hot and cold weather conditions easily. The PEX can contract and expand making it the best choice for homes that have extreme weather conditions. During the installation stage, place the tubing in loops so it can expand. You can also use the excess at a later time in case of repairs. Be sure to use plastic (not metal) straps to attach the pipe to the wall.

By now you realize PEX has a lot to offer. The PEX is safer, simpler to install, and much less expensive for pipes inside your home. Most plumbing jobs will benefit greatly in the long run because it is much more durable than copper or other products. If you are not a do-it-yourself kind of person, it would be good to call a plumber (such as one from Plumbing by Belanger Plumbing & Heating) for the easiest installation possible.