The Benefits Of A Combi Boiler

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Combi boilers are specially designed central heating units that provide both forced air heating and hot water to your home in a single unit. They are powered by natural gas, and because of their unique combination construction, they provide a number of distinctive benefits to your home. Understanding what combi boilers have to offer your home can help you decide whether or not they are the right fit for your needs.

Space Saving: Combi boilers help save space by combining your water heater and central heating unit into a single unit, reducing the overall amount of piping and ductwork needed. These units also tend to take up less space as a single unit and a separate water heater and furnace would, as there is no included hot water storage tank or natural gas storage unit. This makes combi boilers ideal for houses where space is at a premium.

High Efficiency: Combi boilers are a fairly new development in the central heating market, and as such are made to operate with modern high efficiency standards. This means that you will use less energy with a combi boiler when compared to older, traditional water heaters and central heating units, reducing your overall energy usage and saving you money.

Programmable: Most combi boilers come with an internal clock that can be scheduled to turn on the central heating unit and the hot water heater at certain times, reducing the amount of time that your unit will be running while you are out of the home while still ensuring that your house is comfortable and warm in the summer months. This helps reduce your overall energy bills by reducing energy wastage, saving you money in the long run.

Customization: The water temperature and the air temperature within your home can be set separately, allowing to exactly customize the temperature inside your home to what you find the most comfortable. This maintains the difference in temperature that would be delivered by two separate units, while at the same time saving space.

Ease of Installation: As combi boilers use less pipework, and do not have a hot water or natural gas tank, the installation process is much simpler than installing two separate units. This expedites the installation process, saving you time, money, and frustration. This simplification of the installation process also makes it much easier for contractors to access and work on your combi boiler unit in the event of repairs, saving you money in the future in maintenance.