Got Dirty Drains? 4 Reasons You Should Have Them Cleaned

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If you've got dirty drains in your home, your plumbing may be paying the price. You might not realize this, but dirty drains can pose a serious threat to your plumbing. Not only that, but dirty drains can be a downright nuisance. If you haven't had your drains cleaned in a while – or you've never had it done – here are just four of the reasons why you should take care of that as soon as possible.

Gets Rid of Dangerous Roots

If you've got trees in your yard, or your neighbors do, your drains could be clogged with an intricate system of roots. Unfortunately, those roots could be wreaking havoc on your drains without you even knowing about it. You see, roots spread through the yard, and neighboring yards, looking for water. They'll continue spreading out until they find your drain pipes. Once they find those, they'll force their way through the joints, or tiny cracks in the pipes. As the roots grow, they'll apply pressure to the inside the pipes, eventually causing them to collapse. Having your drains cleaned will remove the roots before they can pose a threat.

Prevents Drain Rot

If your drain pipes are dirty, they might not last as long as they should. All that buildup of gunk and debris can cause the inside of the pipes to rot. If the damage becomes too significant, you'll need to have them replaced, which can be quite costly. Not to mention the fact that your yard will need to be dug up for the project. You can extend the life of your drain pipes by having them professionally cleaned about once a year.

Eliminates Foul Odors

If your home is starting to smell like a portable toilet, the problem might be with your drain pipes. Each time you flush the toilet, or use your garbage disposal, particles of the waste get stuck inside your drains. Over time, the waste and food particles begin to rot, which will cause foul odors to sneak up into your home. Don't deal with the foul odors. A professional drain cleaning will remove the waste products that are causing your home to stink.

Speeds Up the Flow of Waste

If your sinks and tubs are draining slowly, or your toilets are sluggish, you could be looking at an accumulation of grease and grime inside the drains. Having your drains professionally cleaned will remove all the gunk that's causing them to act sluggishly.

Don't take chances with your drains. Prevent problems by scheduling a drain cleaning with a plumber near you.