3 Simple Tips For Avoiding Extensive Kitchen Plumbing Repair Work Related To Your Sink

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Keeping your kitchen sink in good working order has a lot to do with how you manage the drain. Allowing food to go the drain is a big no-no due to the risk of clogs, but you may be unsure of how to stop it. This can become even more of an issue when you have a large family and children since they mall all misuse the kitchen sink, leading to potentially preventable plumbing issues that require drain cleaning services. Instead of relying on kitchen plumbing repair, consider the following tips.

Add a Mesh Sink Stopper

An easy way to trap food debris before they get stuck inside your drain is with the help of a mesh sink stopper. These sink stoppers are designed with mesh that allows liquids to go the drain safely, but stop any food debris from getting into your drains. This is crucial since many types of food particles can cause your sink to clog up—including coffee grounds, potato peels, and rice. A mesh sink stopper needs to also be the right size in order for them to be effective at keeping food from going down the kitchen sink drain.

Keep the Trash and Composting Bin Close By

To make disposing of the food particles easier, it's best to set up a trash bin nearby. If you're somebody that practices composting, you'll also want to keep a composting bin nearby. The trash and composting bin should be located close by so that you don't get frustrated when tossing food particles and let them go down the drain out of a matter of laziness. Hanging up a simple sign near the sink to alert guests and remind your family to use the trash and composting bin can also be an effective way to keep food from going down the drain.

Get a Garbage Disposal Installed for Your Sink

The absolute best way to ensure that you stop food from clogging the sink drain in your kitchen is through the use of a garbage disposal. What a disposal can do is make it easy to stop food from going down the drain in large, solid pieces. The disposal will chop everything up and make sure that your sink drains smoothly.

Taking care to improve the way that your kitchen sink works can make a big difference in how often you experience clogs in the kitchen. This will ensure that you won't be contacting a plumber as often and help save you money in the process.