3 Things That Should Be Hands-Free In Your Commercial Bathroom

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If you would like to make some improvements to your commercial bathroom, you may want to start by looking for ways to replace existing plumbing fixtures with hands-free options. These are some of the hands-free fixtures that you might want to add to your bathroom.

1. Faucets

There are a few reasons to choose to install hands-free faucets in your bathroom. For one thing, it can help conserve a lot of water. This can be beneficial from both an environmental standpoint and from a financial standpoint. Another good reason to choose hands-free faucets is the fact that they can help prevent flooding in your bathroom. You never know when someone could leave a bathroom faucet running, whether they do so intentionally or not. This could cause major property damage and a big mess that will have to be cleaned up, but it should be a non-issue with hands-free sink faucets.

2. Toilets

Another hands-free plumbing fixture that you might want in your commercial bathroom is a toilet that flushes itself automatically. The last thing that most people want to see when walking into a public restroom is the remnants of someone else's previous visit, and a hands-free toilet that automatically flushes can help prevent this and can make bathroom visits more pleasant for everyone who walks into your commercial bathroom. Additionally, ensuring that the toilet flushes regularly can help prevent clogs, which can cause major plumbing issues and can be a pain to deal with.

3. Hand Dryers

Nowadays, opting for hand dryers rather than paper towels is a good idea in many commercial bathrooms. Then, you can reduce the cost of buying paper towels, can be more eco-friendly and can also help prevent trash cans from piling up or paper towels from ending up all over the floor. If you choose a hands-free hand dryer, you can also provide a more sanitary option for customers and others who use your bathrooms to dry their hands, since they won't have to come in contact with paper towel dispensers or other items in the bathroom that might have been touched by a lot of people.

As you can see, there are a few things in your commercial bathroom that should be hands-free if possible. If you work with a commercial plumbing contractor in your area, he or she should be able to provide you with excellent advice about hands-free items that can be installed in this part of your commercial building.