Noticing Mold And Mildew Spots Around Leaking Pipes: What To Do

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If you have had leaking pipes around your basement and you know can see mold, you want to call a professional before the mold starts to take over your property. Although the side effects of mold can vary throughout households and people, it can be damaging to the health and to the materials that were used to construct your property. Here are some of the things that you want to do to take care of the mold, and to prevent some further issues with the problem:

Get Mold Remediation Services

You want to get a mold removal company to come to the house. They will test and assess the mold to see how bad it is and where it is in the home. They can then treat the mold to remove it effectively, and they will test again to be sure that all of the mold and mildew is gone, so you can then work on prevention strategies for the future.

Install Air Purification Systems

An air purification system can help a large amount in the space. This type of system doesn't just regulate the humidity and moisture levels to help prevent the basement from getting too wet, which can cause mold, but it also removes other toxins that could be a problem in your basement. Find a machine that doesn't just remove moisture from the air, but that also screens the air and cleans it.

Wrap and Repair Pipes

The leaking or sweating pipes have to be looked at by a professional plumber. You want the plumber to stop any leaks, repair any damaged pipes around the space, and to put foam or coating insulation around the pipes. The insulation will prevent future water leaks and damages around the space, stop the pipes from sweating throughout the year, and help to keep the basement dry.

If you have a finished basement or if you hope to finish your basement sometime in the near future, it's important that you keep the space dry, and that you remove mold the first time you see it. There are a lot of different ways that mold can get into your property and become a problem, but if you are noticing a large amount of mold, and you see that it's spreading throughout your basement, it's time to reach out and get help before the problem gets bigger and you then have to start removing materials from the space. 

Contact a mold elimination service for more information and assistance.