4 Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Kitchen's Garbage Disposal

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Most people don't think about their kitchen's garbage disposal until there are problems or the garbage disposal has failed completely. A garbage disposal can be one of the most used appliances in a kitchen, and a few simple things can help extend its life so you don't have to contact a plumber to replace your garbage disposal or take care of issues with your kitchen pipes. Some easy ways to make your garbage disposal last longer include:

Pay Attention to What Goes Down the Drain

While a garbage disposal can grind up most things, there are several things that you should never pour down the drain. These include liquid fats, grease, and oil. While you may assume that these things will slide down the drain and through the pipes smoothly, they are actually prone to congealing and causing a clog in the garbage disposal. Instead of pouring fats, oils, and grease down your kitchen sink, allow them to harden and then dispose of them in the trash.

In addition, you should avoid allowing fibrous vegetables, such as celery, down the drain as the skin of fibrous vegetables can get tangled in the blades of the garbage disposal and prevent them from turning properly. 

Use Cold Water When Running the Garbage Disposal

Most people rinse dirty dishes with warm or hot water, but after the dishwasher is loaded, switch the faucet over to cold before you turn on the garbage disposal. The cold water will help harden any food that is in the drain, which makes it easier for the garbage disposal to completely grind any pieces of food that went down the drain.

Run Your Garbage Disposal Longer

It is in your best interest to let your garbage disposal run for an extra couple of minutes after you think that all of the food debris is gone. Running your garbage disposal for a few extra minutes a couple of times a week will help ensure that even the smallest pieces of debris are ground, which can help prevent clogs in the disposal chamber or drain pipe.

Use Boiling Water Occasionally

While you should use cold water when running your garbage disposal on a day-to-day basis, it is a good idea to pour boiling water down the drain every once in a while. The boiling hot water will help clean out any build-up in the disposal chamber and the drain pipe connected to the garbage disposal. 

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