3 Benefits Of Hydronic Radiant Heat

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If you have the choice over what kind of heating system will go into your home, know that you do not have to go with a traditional forced air system. While forced air is common to see in a home, it may not be the best option available to you. Consider a hydronic radiant heat system for the following reasons:

Hydronic Radiant Heat Is Comfortable

Forced air systems suffer from a problem where the heat is either blowing out of the vents directly on you or not blowing at all and letting you feel a bit cold. The shifting between hot and cold can make for an uncomfortable living environment.

While forced air heat rises towards the ceiling and never quite gets to your toes, radiant heat starts at your toes and works it way up. This causes the hydronic radiant heat to feel incredibly comfortable when the heat is turned on. There is no forced air blowing on you, but heat that constantly radiates up through the floor. The bottom half of your body will feel pretty warm and the top half may feel slightly cooler.

Hydronic Radiant Heat Has Zones

You may be used to a furnace that is either on or off for the entire home. Radiant heat can actually be activated in zones, with each room of the house having its own thermostat. If you want your bedroom cooler at night while someone else prefers it to be warm, you can both control the temperature the way you want without impacting other people in your home.

Hydronic Radiant Heat is Air Duct Free

Another drawback of forced air systems is that they move a lot of dust throughout your home as air circulates in the system. This is not a problem with radiant heat systems since no air is used to push the heat through ductwork. If you have anybody in your home with allergies, this can make life inside your home better for them with better air quality.

No ductwork also means that you don't need to be concerned about if ductwork is covered up by furniture in your room. You'll always be able to feel the heat no matter what the furniture arrangement is.

These are just a few reasons to install radiant heat in a home. Still not convinced? Contact a local heating contractor, like Bill Rhiner's Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, that has experience with installing hydronic radiant heat systems.