Plumbing Tips You Should Keep In Mind

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You want to learn all you can about the plumbing in your home, so you have a clear understanding of how to tend to your home in that respect. Here are some basic tips for plumbing for residential homes:

Roots can cause major issues – Roots from certain types of trees, such as palm trees, can cause a lot of damage to your plumbing if they grow into the pipes. You also need to watch your pool or roots can even cause the side of your pool to collapse.

All pipe types are not equal – If you find yourself in need of replacing a plumbing pipe you need to make sure to buy the same type you have, or it won't fit. For example, if you are replacing a PVC pipe, then you need to buy a PVC pipe of the same measurements.

You need to learn where all the water shut-offs are – If you don't already know where all the water shut off valves are for the house, including the main valve, then you need to learn this right away. If you have a problem with a specific sink, then you can turn off the water to that sink. However, if you have a larger problem then you need to be able to immediately shut off the main water and this valve isn't always in plain sight.

Garbage disposals have a lot of limitations you need to keep in mind – It can be easy to scrape off all the dinner plates into the garbage disposal and forget about its limitations. That is until you find your disposal broken or having other issues. Garbage disposals are not for cleaning off all leftovers, but for grinding up small pieces of food that don't get cleared from the dishes all the way. There are many things that shouldn't go down them including pasta, meats, egg shells, any bones and much more.

Leaking faucets are more than just annoying – When you see small drips coming from a faucet you should take it seriously. Those drips really add up and can equate to a lot of wasted water and dripping faucets that get ignored generally end up needing full replacement after being neglected for a period of time.

Clogs can range from simple to complex – If you have a clogged sink, you want to start by assuming it's a simple fix and try methods like sink plungers or baking soda and vinegar. If you can't free it up, then it may require a plumber who can get rid of deeper clogs that take special tools and knowledge.

HVAC systems should be serviced – Your HVAC systems aren't something that you will use all year long. This means something can go wrong with it during the year and you would never even know. IF something is wrong with it and you just start using it full time, then you can really ruin the system or cause it to need serious repairs. This is why it is a good idea to have it serviced each year before you turn it on for the season. 

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