3 Signs You Should Replace Your Toilet

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Your toilet is one of the appliances within your home that sees use every single day. Over time, this can result in degradation and wear to the toilet itself, which can make leaks, malfunctions, and other unpleasant events more likely to happen. Fortunately, there are some early warning signs associated with a failing toilet that you can look out for to determine when you should talk to a plumbing contractor about replacing the throne in your bathroom.

Leaking Water

The first and most serious sign that your toilet may need to be replaced is if you notice that it has begun to leak water. Cracks in the tank or the base represent a structural failure of your toilet and will cause your water bills to increase significantly over time, not to mention causing significant water damage within your home, including mold growth. While cracks can be easy to spot, there are times when water can leak out of your toilet through an unseen opening. To check this, you can put food coloring in the tank and bowl of your toilet, and see if any of the colored water pools out onto the floor. If it doesn't, the leak lies elsewhere in your bathroom.

Constant Running

You should also contact a plumber if you notice that your toilet is always running, even if the water isn't leaking out of the tank or bowl. This can indicate some sort of wear or damage to the toilet's flushing mechanism: in most cases, this can be fixed by simply replacing the offending part within the tank with a new one. However, keep in mind that the age of a single part within your toilet will point to the general age of the entire appliance: if one part fails completely due to age, you're likely using an older model that could do with an upgrade. Newer toilets have more durable parts and come in higher efficiency models that use less water with each flush to help you save money on your water bills each month.

Chronic Plumbing Issues

Another sign that you should consider replacing your toilet is if you notice that it regularly clogs, requiring work done with the plunger or even a drain snake to get things flowing again. An older toilet, especially one that has trouble handling normal amounts of waste and toilet paper, is likely causing undue stress on your plumbing, not to mention creating a great deal of maintenance for you to do, and should be replaced to make sure that your plumbing works as intended. 

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