How Should You Handle A Bathtub Leak?

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It may just be one drop at a time, but a leaking bathtub can be an annoyance. For starters, there's the constant dripping sound which you can almost always hear. Secondly, there's the water that's slowly but surely getting wasted with every drop. It is estimated that a leaking faucet can waste thousands of gallons of water each year. This kind of waste is expensive and definitely not in keeping with the need to conserve resources. How you handle a leak in your tub will depend on where the leak is.

Locating a Leak in a Bathtub

Although the leaky faucet is the kind of leak most people are familiar with, a bathtub can actually leak from several places. These include:    

  • The faucet    

  • The body of the tub    

  • The drain    

  • The overflow pipe    

  • The grout

Checking the tub body for a leak can be quite simple depending on how accessible the outside of the tub is. All you need to do is dry the outside of the tub and wrap it using newspaper. Fill the tub with water and check which part of the newspaper gets wet quickly. You may need a plumbing contractor's help for thorough leak detection in the pipes or drains, and you will definitely need their help to fix it.

Fixing a Leak Tub Faucet

Leaky tub faucets are a common problem. The most common reason for these types of leaks is a rubber washer that's not working as it should. This is because the prolonged exposure to water causes the rubber to become dry and crack. To fix a leaking faucet, you'll need to take the following steps:    

  1. Turn off the water to the faucet    

  2. Take the faucet apart. How easy or difficult this is will depend on the type of faucet and whether it's suffered some kind of damage or corrosion.

  3. Replace the washer.         

  4. Put the faucet back together 

However, the process is not as simple as it may seem. Your faucet may have some differences from the standard ones or may have suffered some kind of damage. Instead of forcing the faucet out, you should bring in a professional.

Fixing a Leaky Tub Body

A leak in the body of the tub can be repaired with the use of a sealant. The sealant has to be waterproof. For a better finish, you can smooth it out using sandpaper. However, there are cases where the damage to the tub body is significant. This may mean having to replace the tub.